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Compass Arts Creativity Project classes, ensembles, events and camps are created for the Beacon and surrounding communities for the purpose of building those communities. Our vision is a big one. As a creativity project, we believe that communities are stronger when problem solving skills are encouraged at every age level and that the best way to build problem solving skills is through creativity. Through creative arts exploration students are given opportunities to think, and to think for themselves--to feel empowered by coming up with a story plot twist or an ending to a play or to discover the joy of being able to improvise over a musical accompaniment. We believe that our best work involves encouraging contribution, whether it is a colorful swipe of a brush, a melody or an idea. The essence of what we hope to do at Compass Arts is this, that those sometimes large and sometimes small contributions allow students to evolve into something the world desperately needs--individuals with vision.

SPRING IS COMING, AND Team Creative Directions (TCD) is expanding!

Compass Arts Team Creative Directions

There are so many ways to tell a story; to express an idea, a thought, a feeling; to share your own unique voice and speak out about what's important to you. What do you want to say? How do you want to say it? In this pilot program students will meet to explore a variety of art forms and tools they can use to express themselves, tell a story, and create independently or with others. Team Creative Directions is an explorative, mind-opening, individuality-celebrating, multi-arts experience for teens like no other!


We have lots of exciting classes starting in April (meet in person!)

Musical Stew, Beginning Modern Dance, Beginning Cartooning, Intermediate Cartooning, Rompatom Music Skills and Ensemble, Theater Skills and Improv Games, Beacon Rising Chorus...


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